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Exploits, a fast-paced, turn-based card game. Whether you are a casual or a hardcore, a scientist or a donkey, a robot or a zombie, come, as long as you are a TRUE STRATEGIST you will shine in the world of Exploits!

It is a combination of old school turn-based strategy game and card battle game. It is the game for those who longs to defeat his foes with his brain but not his dancing fingers! Playing Exploits is like playing Chess, with super-powered pieces. Surprise your opponent with a powerful combo you planed with these special pieces, or be surprised! In every turn you have dozens of options, beyond each dozens more. You will be struggling with decision fatigue, or if you are really good, you will make your opponent suffer brain burn!

Story[edit | edit source]

In Exploits, you lead a newly founded mercenary group that fights for honor and gold. Exploits takes place in a middle age fantasy continent in which the following kingdoms are waging war against one another:

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