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Name Description
Neutral Cannot attack or retaliate
Stunned Cannot move, attack or retaliate
Saint Blessed by Light
Heretic Condemned by Light
Dispelled Remove all status
Taunt Adjacent enemies can only attack this Unit
Taunted Cannot move; can only attack Taunt
Confused 50% chance of making wrong moves
Controlled Change control of this Unit
Stalk Can't be aimed by enemy, until it attacks
Backstab When Stalk,+2 ATK, ignore Retaliation
Holy Shield Ignore next damage
Burning Take 1 damage when your turn starts
Faltered Cannot move
Assault +1/+1 this turn, when played/summoned
Building Cannot move, attack or retaliate
Reactivate Can attack and move twice this turn
Double Attack Can attack twice
Triple Attack Can attack thrice
Warcry Triggered when played from hand
Knockback Knock back; deal 2 damage if undoable
Inspired Activated if your Morale≥40
Enrage Activated if it is injured
Resonance Triggered when you play a Spell
Armed Activated if has an Equip
Preempt Triggered when your turn starts
Combo Triggered when you play/summon a Unit
Order Constantly affect the battle
Secret Triggered when a specific event occurs
Artifact General Equip, -1 durability each swing
Overload Reduce Supply available next turn
Endgame Triggered when it is destroyed
Bliss Triggered when friendly Unit is healed
Cleave Attack hits upto 3 adjacent Units
Puncture Attack hits upto 2 Units in a line
Chase Activated if Combo triggered this turn
Transform Become another Unit